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Reverse osmosis BW8040-10MLD.
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Reverse osmosis.

A concise explanation,

Reverse osmosis is a water purification technology that uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove particles or solids are dissolved in water.
Reverse osmosis can remove many types of molecules, ions, bacteria and viruses, so that water produced by reverse osmosis process is a high quality water with low tds and also free of bacteria and viruses.
for its ability to reverse osmosis is widely used in industry - the industry as a provider of raw water with low tds like:
- Manufacture of textiles, paper, chemicals, boilers, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, etc.
Besides reverse osmosis is widely used in apartments, hotels and housing.

Some advantages of using Reverse osmosis among others:
- Can produce pure water.
- Operating and maintenance costs low.
- Easy to operate.
- Easy to obtain spare parts.
- Life long time to reach 2-4tahun membrane.
- Can control the quality of water produced each moment as it comes tds measuring devices on the unit.

We design and make a reverse osmosis according to your needs, the following specifications BW8040-10MLD Reverse osmosis 10.000Liter capacity / hour:

- Panel control using a PLC.
- TDS Monitor is used to measure the water quality of the product.
- Membrane brand filmtec.
- High pressure pump brand Groundfoss.
- Pumps brand groundfoss bait.
- Pumps brand groundfoss CIP.
- Pipe, tubing and valves for high pressure SS304 and SS316
- Pipes and valves for low pressure Harvel brand.
- Flow meters for product water (permeate water)
- Flow meter for wastewater (reject water)
- Antiscalant dosing pump
- Non-oxidizing biocide dosing pump
- Auto flushing system.
- Pressure gauge is used to monitor the working pressure of the system unit.
- Include CIP (Clean In Place) is used to clean the membrane of dirt (fouling) and also can be used as a routine treatment 2-3 months.

The unit is widely used in the hospitality industry, bottled water factory (packing water), and is also used as boiler feed.
We provide training to the customer with the goal of creating a reliable operator in the operation and maintenance on the unit.

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