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Reverse osmosis cap 100Liter perhour
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Specification of Reverse osmosis cap 100Liter perhour

Reverse osmosis.
Is technology the water purification using membranes are semi-permeable and to eliminate particles or solids are dissolved in the water.
Reverse osmosis can remove many types of molecules, ions, bacteria and viruses, so that water also wrote produced by the process of reverse osmosis water is high quality with low tds and also free from bacteria and viruses.
due to its ability this reverse osmosis is widely used in industry –the industry as a provider of the raw water with low tds such as:
-Textile industry, paper, chemistry, boiler, pharmaceutical, food and drink, etc.
In addition the reverse osmosis is widely used in apartments, hotels and housing.


Some of the advantages of using Reverse osmosis include:
-Can generate pure water.
-Low maintenance and operating costs.
-Easy to operate.
-Easy to get spare parts.
-Life time of the membrane panjang to achieve 2-4tahun.
-Can control the quality of produced water at any time because it comes gauge tds on the unit.


We design and create a reverse osmosis according to your needs, the following specifications of the brackish water Reverse osmosis capacity 100Liter/h:

-Panel control using PLC.
-TDS Monitor is used to measure the quality of product water.
-Membrane Filmtec brand.
-High pressure Pump brandGroundfoss.
Bait Pump-brand groundfoss.
-CIP Pump brand groundfoss.
-Pipe, tubing and valve for high pressure ss304 and ss316
-Pipes, and valve for low pressure brand Harvel.
-Flow meters for water (permeate water) products
-Flow meters for wastewater (reject water)
-Antiscalant dosing pump
A Non-oxidizing biocide dosing pump
-Auto flushing system.
-Pressure gauges used to monitor the pressurework unit system.
-Include CIP (Clean In Place) used to clean the membrane from dirt (fouling) and can also be used as a regular treatment 2-3 months.


This unit is suitable for hotels, motels, lodging, housing and also small-scale garment as a provider of clean water as well as drinking water.
We don't just sell, we provide training on customer with the goal of creating a reliable operators in pengop

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