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PT Indokarya Tirta Abadi (Banten, Indonesia)

Look for quality water processing machines, PT. Indokarya Tirta Abadi
Is an Ozontechs water treatment company and supplier of ozone and oxygen generators in Indonesia.
Our company is fully supported by a team of highly trained technical specialists, analytical equipment, laboratory services, and control equipment
Our products are widely distributed throughout Indonesia, our customers are from small companies, medium-sized companies and large companies. Quality and quality are our main capital, and we always provide solutions to customers from various water and waste problems.

Our mission and our technology:
Develop and provide complete solutions for the benefit of customers.
The overall goal of our company is simple, we want to make customers for life, customers are satisfied with our products and services, customers make us a trusted guide and partner.

Our products include:
- Reverse osmosis brackish water
- Desalination reverse osmosis
- Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP)
- Ultrafiltration
- Nanofiltration
- Filtration media
- Water softening system
- Ozone and oxygen generator Ozontechs.

Do you have problems with your water? Please contact us, we are happy to provide a solution for you.

Mengembangkan dan memberikan solusi lengkap untuk kepentingan pelanggan

Selalu berinovasi, untuk mencapai posisi terdepan dan dapat dipercaya, dengan orientasi yang konsisten terhadap kepuasan pelanggan

Kami merupakan salah satu distributor mesin pengolahan air terkemuka dan terpercaya di Indonesia. Produk yang Kami jual seperti Ozone Generator (Ozone Generator Og Series, Ozone Generator Ox Series, Ozone Generator Oc Series, Ozone Generator Cf Series, Ozone Generator Part), Oxygen Generator (Oxygen Generator Oz Series, Oxygen Generator OF Series), Reverse Osmosis, dan lain lainnya. Kami menjual mesin pengolahan air terlengkap dan termurah.

Ruko Griya Indah Blok E3 No.14Jln Raya Pahlawan - Perumpung Gunung Sindur. dekat taman tekno lalu dekat puspitek. Kota Tangerang 16340
Banten , Indonesia

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